Take Care Of Your Fire Ant Infestation ASAP

Request fire ant control in the Sebastian, FL area

Did you recently find a fire ant colony on your property? Turn to Halo's Pest Arrest in Sebastian, FL to eradicate them. One slip in your yard can lead to painful bites, so it's best to let our fire ant control experts handle your pest problem. We'll make sure all the fire ants are gone from your home or business.

Reach out to us today to schedule yearly fire ant control.

Why is our treatment so effective?

Why is our treatment so effective?

Your fire ant problem will be a thing of the past when we complete our baiting process. Our fire ant control treatment is powerful and reliable because we use a granular bait product that:

  • Sticks to the soil
  • Kills the queen ant
  • Works for a year

We'll come back every year to refresh your bait, so you won't have to worry about any ants returning. If your ant problem resurfaces within the year, we'll treat it for free. Call us now at 772-584-1716 to get an estimate on yearly fire ant control.